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Why is rainwater control important? Many people question the importance of well-maintained and functioning eavestrough. The answer is simple! Eavestroughs are a system of troughs and downspouts designed to efficiently take water from a roof and safely distribute it away from the structure.

Uncontrolled water can find its way into any nook and cranny and eavestroughs are key to controlling the flow of that water away from your eaves, soffits, walls and foundation to prevent mold, rot and basement leaks as well as unsightly stains and water damage - especially if your home has a stucco exterior.

Next to your roof itself, nothing is more important in managing extreme weather. Eavestroughing is critical to a strong, reliable roofing system and maintaining a solid foundation. Well-designed and quality eavestroughing provides many benefits.

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How does a gutter system work?

How an eavestrough system works is by collecting the water that would otherwise drip off the edge of your shingles and run down your fascia or into your home. A properly installed eavestrough system will direct water safely away from your home. Professional installers will take the steps necessary to try to direct water away from your foundation, sidewalks and driveways as well as using the slope of the property to direct the water into swales or towards trees and bushes. Eavestroughs also add to the aesthetics of your home along with protecting the value of your property.

Eavestroughs are made of continuous steel or aluminum. They are available in a large variety of colours to match your soffit and fascia.

Downpipes are available in 2.5-inch square (standard) or 3-inch square (large) and come in all colours to match your eavestroughs. We only use square aluminum outlets that are the same size as the elbows. This helps with blockage due to the fact that the outlet is not smaller than the elbow.

Also available to use with your downpipes are funnels and diverters. These are used to bring two pipes together or run to a barrel.




T-Rex® Leaf Guard Systems from Alu-Rex

Gutter cleaning is one of those jobs that has you groaning before you even take the ladder out. Leaves, sticks, pine needles, bugs and twigs all do their part to clog your rain gutters and downspouts, leaving your house vulnerable to major damage.

When your eavestroughs are clogged, water flows between the eavestroughs and fascia, causing rot damage to your home. Ensure your peace of mind and protect your biggest investment – your home – by installing Alu-Rex clog-free gutter protection systems.

Mr. Exterior Renovations & Garages is pleased to be an Elite Installer of Alu-Rex premium eavestrough products, including T-Rex® and its revolutionary continuous hanger system! T-Rex® comes with a lifetime warranty when installed by an Elite Installer!

Alu-Rex is so confident in the effective, time and test-proven T-Rex® eavestrough system that it is the only rain gutter hanger that comes with a lifetime warranty. The T-Rex® continuous fastening system adds strength and durability across the entire length of the eavestroughs, not just near the spikes used in conventional fastening systems. This fastening system eliminates the risk of an eavestrough bending under the weight of a ladder or the pressure of tree branches.

For just a slightly increased initial investment, you will increase your eavestroughs’ life span and help protect them against damage caused by heavy snowfall and ice expansion inside the gutter. In addition, they will require much less maintenance, and your eavestroughs will flow freely all year-round, ensuring that water does not get under the roof, under the eaves or into your home’s foundation.

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