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Are you looking for an experienced professional for exterior home renovation in Edmonton or surrounding areas? Mr. Exterior Renovations & Garages has been providing homeowners with eavestroughing, roofing, siding, and soffit and fascia services since 1995. Call us to discuss your home improvement needs, or email us to receive a free estimate.

Here are some of our prospective clients’ frequently asked questions:

I don't live in the Edmonton area; will Mr. Exterior Renovations & Garages accept my work? 

Yes, however for customers well outside of our regularly serviced areas, we may need to charge a little extra for mileage. Contact the office at 780-414-1567 for more info.

What is “seamless” eavestrough?
Seamless eavestrough is fabricated using a roll-forming machine installed in the truck box. This allows eavestrough of almost any length to be run out without joining seams periodically, unlike do-it-yourself vinyl eavestrough or the 10-foot lengths you buy at a hardware store. Eavestrough corners still require seams because eavestrough machines only run out eavestroughs in straight lines.

I can see water collecting in my eavestroughs. Will they leak?
Every eavestrough system will retain a certain amount of water. All corners must be sealed with caulking and it will cause a small amount of water to remain in the eavestrough. If the eavestrough is retaining an inch or more, then it may need adjustment or correction.

Why are my eavestroughs leaking?
There are a variety of causes for leaking eavestroughs. Sometimes an eavestrough may appear to be leaking if water is travelling behind the eavestrough due to curled shingles, a lack of drip edge, or missing roof flashing near end caps.

My eavestrough is leaking from the corners. Can't I fix it myself?
It is possible to repair corner or endcap leaks yourself. We recommend having a professional inspect it to ensure that you are attempting to solve the appropriate problem. It is very important that the correct type of caulking is used and that the instructions on the tube are followed carefully. Also, sometimes fixing this problem can void whatever warranty you have. Always check with whoever installed the eavestrough first.

How many times should I clean my eavestroughs in a year?
Generally, you should clean your eavestroughs twice per year. However, depending upon the location of your trees, this number can vary.

How do I know when it is time to replace my eavestroughs?
There are several different signs that your eavestrough needs replacing. Outdated eavestrough often overflow, and if your home currently has a 4-inch eavestrough, it’s a good idea to get it replaced. Other signs that you need your eavestrough replaced might include rust spotting, bad slope, leaking corners, and eavestrough that is either falling off or pulling away from the fascia. Of course, water in your basement might also be a sign that your eavestrough needs replacing due to its inability to drain properly.

Can you install eavestroughs in the winter time?
Yes, eavestroughs can be installed in the winter without any problems or compromised quality of installation. In fact, corners seal very well when it is cold outside. However, some repairs, or sealing old eavestroughs or new eavestroughs are often better left until the spring.

Why does water drip behind my eavestroughs?

Typically, water dripping behind the eavestroughs is caused by a lack of a drip edge on your roof or because the shingles are curled over.

How do I know when it is time to replace my roof?
There are a variety of different indications that your roof needs to be replaced. Generally, you will notice shingle granules that are becoming depleted, excessive curling of the shingles, shingle breakage, and water leaks into the house.

Alu-Rex Questions

Do wet leaves stick to Alu-Rex products?
Only temporarily. Alu-Rex products boast a smooth, perforated surface. Just as they may temporarily stick to the hood of your car, leaves and debris that land on the surface of Alu-Rex products dry quickly in the sun. And unlike your car hood, the surface beneath the wet leaves on your eavestrough is perforated so they dry faster!

A little wind is all it takes to sweep away dry leaves and debris:

  • A 10 km/h wind effectively removes wet leaves and about 100 pine needles per linear foot. 
  • A 37 km/h wind can remove about an inch (2.5 cm) of pine needles per linear foot.

For eavestroughs in Edmonton, do Alu-Rex products stand up to the snow?
Alu-Rex products significantly reduce the weight of snow on your eavestroughs. Since the snow can't get into the eavestroughs, the weight they have to carry is limited to that which accumulates on top of Alu-Rex products. What's more, the eavestroughs remain fully functional so water from melting snow and ice can drain away freely. Without Alu-Rex products, the eavestroughs, already clogged with leaves and debris, fill up with snow and ice, which keeps them from doing their job and draining water away in spring. Plus they have to bear more weight

Can installation of Alu-Rex products lead to leaks in my roof?
No. Alu-Rex products do not cause any leaks. No shingles are raised and no nails or screws go into the roof during installation. Beware of look-alike products that require you to lift the shingles. These products can lead to leaks. In time, the asphalt shingles dry out and become brittle. It's never a good idea to lift shingles when installing gutter guard systems, whether they're nailed in, screwed on, or simply set in place. Also, the manufacturer's warranty on asphalt shingles is void if the shingles are lifted, peeled away, or modified.

How does water get into the gutters? There aren't enough holes and they're too small.
The exclusive Alu-Perf technology is the result of extensive research and development. The product has 489 holes every 19 inches (48 cm). This allows water to drain at the same rate as a 2 in. x 3 in. (5 cm x 7.5 cm) downspout. Rigorous testing by an independent certification agency has proven that Alu-Rex products can drain over 32.9 in. (836 mm) of water an hour over a length of 20 feet (6 m). And with 44,000,000 feet (13,411,200 metres) of Alu-Rex products installed around the world, the figures speak for themselves.

Note: The highest amount of rainfall ever recorded worldwide was 12 in. (305 mm) of water in one hour (Holt, MO, 1947). In comparison, the 1996 Saguenay Flood in Quebec was triggered by 11 in. (275 mm) of rain in three days.

Alu-Rex products would have been able to handle all that rain in just one hour—and three times more! Overflow is usually caused by the eavestroughs themselves (not wide enough or deep enough for the roof surface) or the downspouts (insufficient number for the roof's surface). It is important to make sure there are enough downspouts to avoid this problem. For this purpose, you need to keep in mind that one downspout is enough to drain the equivalent of a 600 sq. ft. (56 m2) roof. In short, if you don't have backflow problems with your current eavestroughs in heavy rainfalls, the Gutter Clean System® and T-Rex® won't create them.

Can Alu-Rex products withstand heavy water flow?
Even if all the perforations get covered—which never happens because the wind sweeps away leaves and debris—Alu-Rex products can drain up to three times the quantity of water ever recorded in the heaviest rainstorm. How? Because wet leaves remain permeable. Water still gets between the leaves, and even through them, to drain into the eavestrough. The water always finds its way into the holes. What's more, the exclusive design of Alu-Rex products features an approximately 0.4 in. (1 cm) deep basin. Testing in the lab and in the field has shown this to be the right depth to catch more water without stopping the wind from doing its job of sweeping away leaves, pine needles, and debris from the surface.

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